CRG update

Here is the slide pack from yesterday’s meeting.

A few things to note (some info from meeting and some from subsequent meetings)

  • Still no decision on #58 tram. Dept of Transport / Yarra Trams will be doing some public consultation in a couple of months. They did say that they may not have the final solution in place by the time that the station goes live – HUH, haven’t really had time I guess
  • Work in front of us has been delayed waiting on a permit to be issued for the hoardings that go above the beautiful jersey barriers. I expect the hoardings to go up today/tomorrow and then the work will commence. It will be VERY Noisy but only during the day. If it causes you issues call them and complain – they may even move you if it is too hard to work from home.
  • That bloody noisy generator still has some weeks to run. Their argument is that it is below the threshold that they deem as audible. So bascially the good news is that you can’t hear it – all in your imagination.
  • Albert Rd will see lots more changes, more loss of parking

I also presented these slides


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