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Quick update on works out the front

Good news is that today they have poured the concrete where our driveway goes. Next step is waterproofing and then backfill. So all great progress.

That’s the good news…the bad news is that Chiller #1 is underway and it looks massive


CRG update

Here is the slide pack from yesterday’s meeting.

A few things to note (some info from meeting and some from subsequent meetings)

  • Still no decision on #58 tram. Dept of Transport / Yarra Trams will be doing some public consultation in a couple of months. They did say that they may not have the final solution in place by the time that the station goes live – HUH, haven’t really had time I guess
  • Work in front of us has been delayed waiting on a permit to be issued for the hoardings that go above the beautiful jersey barriers. I expect the hoardings to go up today/tomorrow and then the work will commence. It will be VERY Noisy but only during the day. If it causes you issues call them and complain – they may even move you if it is too hard to work from home.
  • That bloody noisy generator still has some weeks to run. Their argument is that it is below the threshold that they deem as audible. So bascially the good news is that you can’t hear it – all in your imagination.
  • Albert Rd will see lots more changes, more loss of parking

I also presented these slides

Botanica lower car park entry / exit

A few people noticed this comment from CYP the other day …

“Next week the team will break out the previous kerb line and footpath in front of 390 St Kilda Road to prepare a temporary road surface for the re-orientation of Botanica’s St Kilda Road driveway out towards Bowen Lane. By late next week the driveway should be switched onto this new alignment. “

What does it mean? CYP are drawing some diagrams but essentially it will something like this

  • The existing St Kilda Rd past Botanica will continue as is.
  • The area in front of 390 St Kilda Rd will be ‘adjusted’ to allow a ‘driveway’ (Jan’s Way mark 2) about where the kerb is currently.
  • To access the lower cark park from the south, you will go past our building down to Bowen Lane and effectively do a U turn along the new Jan’s Way. Then right into our driveway.
  • You will also be able to come up Bowen Lane and turn right into Jan’s Way
  • On exiting the driveway, you turn left onto Jan’s Way. At Bowen Lane you will be able to turn left. You MAY be able to turn right and merge onto St Kilda Rd. Waiting on safety checks

This will occur late this week

I know that if you can only exit via Bowen Lane it means a crazy path to South Melbourne. Don’t shoot the messenger

CYP Weekly update

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone took the opportunity to get out into yesterday’s glorious sunshine after what can only be described as a miserable week of weather.

That is a not-so-subtle segue into the impact that the rain has had on the work out on site. The team have lost a huge amount of time to the weather this week and the overnight works that have been happening last week will unfortunately need to roll into the following week.  While we recognise that this will roll directly into the 24/7 works starting on the 27th November – unfortunately it is unavoidable, as it is critical that the tram track infrastructure within the site is ready to connect into the infrastructure that we will be constructing while trams are shut down from the 27 November to the 17 December.

I’ve included a copy of the notification will go out on Monday to local residents advising of the extension to the works.

Once again the table of activities is contained below, but it is essentially the same activities that we have notified previously, but were unable to complete due to the weather.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

On the station platform, the works next week will continue to be focussed on the laying of bluestone pavers. The question has been raised with the team about the planting of the new trees that will be a feature of the new tram platform. On the advice of arborists, the trees will be planted in Autumn next year rather than during the hotter summer months (after the past week of weather we’ve had this doesn’t ring true, but the advice is that the warmer months ahead will impact on the long term health of the future trees) Works on the station kiosk will also continue, with the installation of cladding around the kiosk.

On the canopy itself, the skylight flashing and final works on the architectural finishes on the underside of the canopy will all be underway next week.

Surface Works

The new track continues to make its way out from the platform to both the north and the south. Next week will see more track laid and concrete poured to the north of the tram platform, especially now that the backfill around the ventilation structures has largely been completed.

On the north-west corner of Park Street works have begun to construct the final legacy design for a kerb outstand and tram pole installation.  The future kerb line extends out further from the existing kerb and this extended kerb line is currently being constructed, along with one of the tram wire poles that will be required during for the new tram alignment.  To construct this extended kerb the left turn from Park Street into St Kilda Road has now been temporarily closed, this left turn will reopen ahead of the closure of the northbound lane of St Kilda Road to ensure access is maintained to the buildings along this section of St Kilda Road.

Station box construction

Underground, the team have completed both the eastern and western sections of track slab adjacent to the new tram platform. On the platform itself, we’ll be pouring the concrete for the wearing slab of the platform, while also continuing with our steelwork in preparation for the future platform screen doors. Escalators 1 and 2 are being installed next week, these sit adjacent to the freshly poured stairs linking the concourse level to the platform.

Shrine Entrance

The Shrine entrance continues to work away over in the corner of the site – installation of formwork is ongoing next week as is the steel fixing for the capping beam on top of the piles, this all ahead of the final stage of excavation, which is expected to commence in early December.

Extended Hours Works:

The works listed below are those that will extend overnight next week. At this stage of the program, all these works are likely to extend for the duration of the week.

If the noise is an issue…

If you are having issues with the noise outside during the nights – call 1800 105 105.

They will entertain relocations if needed as a last resort.

You may have also noticed that they cannot work if there is any rain….so you could take matters into your own hands and use one of these TOY water pistols. I doubt they can tell the difference between rain and water from this.

They are available here

What are those vents used for???

  • The round one is an inlet – It brings in outside air to the mechanical systems, so nothing will be discharged from it.
  • The middle one is an outlet – It is the over track exhaust, but also has battery/uninterruptable power supply (UPS) room exhaust in the event they are called on. During normal operations, the over track exhaust extracts heat locally from the air conditioner condensers which are onboard the train and braking devices of the stationary trains. In the unlikely event of a fire, this would be used to extract smoke from the trackway, platform and concourse.
  • The tall one is a tunnel ventilation system (TVS) inlet exhaust –The TVS shaft can either exhaust or supply depending on the requirements of the tunnel (two shafts – one supply and one exhaust). The TVS is an environmental control e.g provide fresh air within tunnel and discharges oncoming air from approaching trains. In the unlikely event of a fire, the TVS is designed to prevent smoke spreading and to maintain acceptable conditions in the non-incident tunnel.

They can build an $800M station but not scaffolding around our trees!!

As you can see from this photo we are living right on the edge of one of the new Metro Rail stations – Anzac Station in St Kilda Rd. Over the last 2 years we have seen all of our street trees removed – we were unhappy about that but accepted it as we understood the necessity of it all. We have supported the project from the start.

You can imagine our horror when we are now told that Cross Yarra Partnerhip needs to build a covered walkway to protect pedestrians and our trees are in the way. We understand that some custom built scaffolding needs to be erected and that about 30% of our tree mass needs to go. As it was so sensitively put “they need a significant haircut”.

We have now had two meetings to discuss the matter and when I queried if the scaffolding could be fitted around the trees, I was told that it is just not possible. Really???

If you want to see ‘how close’ we are to the action then have a look at this view from my balcony. Daily photos are here

Feel free to call 1800 105 105 and complain if you feel it is unreasonable.