Botanica lower car park entry / exit

A few people noticed this comment from CYP the other day …

“Next week the team will break out the previous kerb line and footpath in front of 390 St Kilda Road to prepare a temporary road surface for the re-orientation of Botanica’s St Kilda Road driveway out towards Bowen Lane. By late next week the driveway should be switched onto this new alignment. “

What does it mean? CYP are drawing some diagrams but essentially it will something like this

  • The existing St Kilda Rd past Botanica will continue as is.
  • The area in front of 390 St Kilda Rd will be ‘adjusted’ to allow a ‘driveway’ (Jan’s Way mark 2) about where the kerb is currently.
  • To access the lower cark park from the south, you will go past our building down to Bowen Lane and effectively do a U turn along the new Jan’s Way. Then right into our driveway.
  • You will also be able to come up Bowen Lane and turn right into Jan’s Way
  • On exiting the driveway, you turn left onto Jan’s Way. At Bowen Lane you will be able to turn left. You MAY be able to turn right and merge onto St Kilda Rd. Waiting on safety checks

This will occur late this week

I know that if you can only exit via Bowen Lane it means a crazy path to South Melbourne. Don’t shoot the messenger


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