Any questions about Melb Metro Rail??

The Committee have a scheduled update with the Metro Rail team in a couple of weeks.  Any questions you would like me to ask??

We will cover things like:

  • Current preferred design
  • Plans for the construction period
    • Where will the ‘hole’ be?
    • Where will tram lines go?
    • How will traffic be handled
    • Any impact on our building access?
    • Noise / vibration / dust impacts?
    • Trees?

You can place a comment on the blog here or send me an email to



One thought on “Any questions about Melb Metro Rail??”

  1. Gary. Thankyou. A particular concern is the trees. Are they going to be removed, and if so what will be done about their replacement? The current ‘extra’ tree is a very sad specimen, and I really would emphasise the importance of keeping mature trees in St. Kilda Road.. partly for the city, but also for us the residents, many of us who bought our properties there because of the trees.
    Also, a concern as to where the exhaust/outlet is to be placed. On the plan it appears to be right outside Botanica. Veronica R


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