Metro Rail update – April 2016

MM MINUTES 20160405 Botanica

MM PRESENTATION Update to Botanica Apartments 20160405

Please find attached notes from our recent meeting.  Some of the main things to note:

  • The marked emergency station exit is now planned for Bowen Cres and not out the front of our building.
  • Our St Kilda Rd car park exit is a major issue for them.  They understand the criticality of it to us and are trying to find a workable solution.  The are even entertaining spending significant dollars building some form of permanent car lift to allow all vehicles out via Bowen Cres (I don’t think it is feasible but shows how serious they are treating the issue)
  • They are prepared to fund regular washing of the building during construction.
  • They understand the importance of our street trees.
  • The period for the ‘open cut’ has been reduced to 24-30 months.

Feedback welcome

Gary Buck


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