Metro Rail – Re-emphasizing our position

With the project now out to tender, the following information was sent to the James Tonkin, Director – Comms and Stakeholder Relations at Metro Rail.

We plan to formally respond as part of the public comment process when that time comes.


Seems that things are now full steam ahead.  On behalf of Botanica I’d just like to again highlight our major issues.


  1. Driveway access from each of our two independent driveways is critical.  The St Kilda rd. driveway is the more critical as it:
  • Provides access to around 50 cars
  • It is also the only disabled access to the building
  • It is the only access for significant deliveries.  Lack of access would prevent people moving in and out, furniture deliveries and the like.


  1. At the meeting you suggested that some form of car lift may be possible.  Please be aware that my understand is that anything that requires a building permit will trigger a council requirement for Botanica to  meet current disability access requirements.  This is likely to be expensive and undesirable.


  1. You have reassured us several times that the emergency exit will not be outside Botanica.  We have a preference for it to be near the corner of Bromby St and St Kilda Rd, a practical location for an emergency exit.  Bowen Cres is a poor second choice.


  1. The trees form a fundamental part of our St Kilda Rd vista.  A comprehensive plan is essential to give us confidence that the leaf coverage will be substantial at the conclusion of the project.  We expect much better than young developing trees.


  1. We were pleased that you assured us that we will not have any adverse noise or vibrations when the Project goes live.


  1. We were pleased that you accept that it will be necessary for the Project to fund some maintenance works on the building during the construction period.  This is likely to be issues like regular wash downs of the façade.



Gary Buck



One thought on “Metro Rail – Re-emphasizing our position”

  1. From: []
    Sent: Sunday, May 1, 2016 11:57 AM
    To: Gary Buck
    Subject: Re: Botanica updates


    Many thanks for the follow-up email.

    We acknowledge the issues you have raised and continue to work through options as to how best we can address them.

    I will forward your email through to Simon Adams and also Peter Wilkinson, our Director of Design & Development for their attention.

    I know that Simon is actively looking at the car park issue and also the location of the emergency exit.

    In regards to trees and canopy cover, we will be addressing this issue as part of the Environment Effects Statement, which will be on public exhibition within the next six weeks. Unfortunately the removal of some trees will be unavoidable due to the scale and nature of the works but we are very mindful of the importance of the trees along St Kilda Road and will have a plan in regards to the sustainable legacy we leave behind.

    Thanks again and we will stay in touch.

    Best regards


    James Tonkin
    Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relation
    Melbourne Metro Rail Authority


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