Metro Rail EES – Noise

Jan Swinburne attended the sessions yesterday that were totally focused on noise issues.  A brief summary

  • Noise is a large focus of many of the ‘complainants’
  • The Metro Rail expert accepted that we would have very high levels of noise inside and outside our apartments
  • Need to have predicted high noise level for 40 days in 6 month period before acoustic barriers like double glazing would be considered
  • Sleep must be disturbed for 2 consecutive nights before re-location considered
  • It is now estimated that the station box construction works will take 6-9 months. That will be the noisiest time with only 6m hoarding as noise protection. Work to be primarily undertaken during normal daytime working hours.
  • Most contentious issue is the need for “unavoidable works” which could take place overnight & be noisy.

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