Metro Tunnel – some videos

After talking to a few residents, I realised that many of you have not had time to read the various documents about the Metro Rail tunnel.  Here’s a crash course via YouTube videos – but be aware that these are ‘promotional’ videos and obviously show the project in its best possible light.  But they are very informative.

The first one gives an idea of the ‘hole’ we will have outside our building where the TBM will be launched.  You see it at about 50 seconds into this video.

The second one is about much of the pre-tunnel work.  Something to note is the acoustic shed that they show (this one at City North).  Something like this is proposed outside our building.  It will be around 3 storey’s high.  Unsightly but designed to contain the noise and dust.

This one shows some graphics of possible Domain Station.  Note that it is not proposed to have any commercial premises inside Domain.

This site has a full collection of videos on Metro Rail

And finally if you search for London Crossrail there are heaps of videos of a similar project in London.


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