Metro Tunnel – Questions from the Panel for Metro Rail

At the hearings today, the Chair tabled a number of issues that she demanded extra information from the Metro Rail Authority.  She listed out around 15-16 issues and they will be formalised over the next 24 hours, I managed to capture the main ones that apply to us.

On the days that I have attended this has not occurred before.  I suspect it is to try and get some movement on these issues during the process and not waiting until the end.  It clearly shows that the issues are material enough to warrant more attention.

  1. Traffic modelling for Domain precinct
  2. Route of tunnel – under or over Citylink.  If it goers over Citylink, what is tree plan.
  3. How they will handle Silica / Asbestos / Aspergillus
  4. Ground water impacts
  5. Station design for floods
  6. Resident management guide – especially as it applies to acoustics

Items 1, 2, 3 and 6 were all ones that our barrister raised when cross examining the MMRA experts.


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