Metro Tunnel – City of Port Phillip

Today City of PP presented – Very balanced, presented by Claire Ferres Miles

They noted that they had already closed many of their issues but some remained.  Here are my notes

  1. Trees
    • Concerned about number being removed
    • Understand that Metro Rail have reduced number from 223 to lower number – want an update
    • Picked up my request – trees that are removed must be replaced as early as possible and not waited until the project end
    • It is not an economic issue, dollars to do trees right is small in respect to overall project cost
  2. Overall Domain precinct
    • Want grander thinking, not JUST the station.  Think more broadly
    • Expand changes as far as Kings Way (esp near Toorak Rd corner)
    • Consider bike linkages
    • Right but feels like City of PP trying to get funds from this for their projects….not unreasonable
    • Boer War memorial – holding firm that move, store and replace is right.  I agree.
  3. Lots on bikes
    • 70% of trips in City of PP are less than 5km
    • Need to speed up St Kilda Rd transport study
    • Want Park St tram link done as part of early works, will help with moving more onto trams during construction and beyond
    • Current plan at Domain Station is 25 bike loops.  City of PP want 400 on Day 1 and provision for massive expansion if it takes off
  4. Cavern versus Cut and Cover
    • They are satisfied that Cut and Cover is right
    • Less spoil
    • Less trucks
    • Less time
    • Difference in tree removal is very low
  5. Chiller in Albert Rd
    • Feels poor location
    • Incorporate into a building
    • Also consider if any power substation is required and do it as part of project
  6. Planning processes
    • Quite a lot of discussion on the process that will occur during the construction
    • Needs to be fair / transparent and workable

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