Metro Tunnel – Discussion with Domain Precinct Mgr

Having met up unexpectedly at the EES Panel hearing on Wed, Jan Swinburne & Simon Adams, MMRA’s Domain Precinct manager, got together on Friday to discuss the current devts associated with the Domain Station construction.

  • Tree removal: The number of trees likely to be removed as part of the Domain Station construction has been considerably reduced with each tree removal now needing to be justified. In other good news, MMRA has engaged sustainability experts from LOCI to focus on the trees – Every effort will be made to maximise the likelihood of trees thriving. Appropriate soil type & depth as well as irrigation will be required for all tree plantings.
  • Albert Reserve: MMRA has managed to reduce the impact on the Albert Reserve. It is likely that some trees, including the Windsor Oak, will not need to be removed. The Boer War Monument will need to be removed & stored during station construction. No decision has yet been reached on its final location.
  • Acoustic shed: MMRA believes that the acoustic shed to be built in St Kilda Rd will protect Botanica from much (how much??) of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) & construction noise. Simon was receptive to Jan’s suggestions of the shed being painted with trees or having vertical gardens.
  • Traffic flows during construction: Possible routes are still being worked on as are plans for Kings Way, Punt Rd, Canterbury Rd & Ferrars St to take up re-routed traffic. To allow station construction to take place, vehicle & bike lanes in St Kilda Rd are relatively easy to move, tram tracks obviously less so. Need to avoid creating curves which would result in tram screeching adding to the noise. Provision is being made for Botanica residents to access our St Kilda Rd driveway either via Bowen Lane or Bowen Cres depending on station construction requirements. Access to the city, Albert Park etc should be possible via Albert Rd during construction.
  • Traffic flows into the future: MMRA recognises that current traffic flows in this area are problematic for drivers, cyclists & pedestrians. Efforts are being made to work with the relevant authorities to improve future layout & traffic flows as part of the station project. This includes consulting with VicRoads re the current St Kilda Rd Safety Improvement Study.

Great summary, thanks Jan


2 thoughts on “Metro Tunnel – Discussion with Domain Precinct Mgr”

  1. Gary/Jan, Thank-you for putting this information together. Certainly there’s been headway on issues taken up with MMRA. Jane

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