Metro Rail – Melbourne Uni

Spent the morning listening to Melb Uni submission.  They are v concerned about noise / vibration, thought it may be relevant to us.

They have an internal team of six full time staff plus some heavy hitting legal help…our barrister is part of their team.

An interesting pickup by their legal team was the lack of consistency in the various documentation.  Things like ….in some instances Metro Rail say that they will ‘avoid’ an issue and in other places they will ‘minimise’ the issue.  Didn’t seem to be logical reasonas for difference, almost simply different authors.  But it is more than grammar as ‘avoid’ obviously is much stronger than minimise.

Their vibration issues are more dramatic than ours – if their medical research equipment is impacted then they cannot operate and cannot easily relocate it.  At least with us, even if we’re unhappy, they can offer us a suite at the Sofitel.

One of their likely impacted labs is where they do infectious disease research (Ebola and the like)…hmm don’t want problems there!!

Other good comparison for us…they have concerns about their carpark access too!

I’m hopeful that the things they found, get generalised and placed into the EPRs will help us!!


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