Metro Rail – Moment of truth

Well after many months of work – our day arrived today and “we” presented the Botanica submission to the Metro Rail Panel.  I have attached our outline and the PowerPoint pack that one of our experts used.

Many thanks to the support from Jan, Jane, Jan, Alex, Veronica and Sandy.

It was a very long day (9am – 6pm) and all focused on Domain precinct.  By the end of the day I was really pleased with our team of experts, lawyers and barrister.  The issues we wanted raised were raised, our experts were subjected to intense cross examination…and survived …we were heard and listed to.

Well done Paul, Nick, John, Terry and Neville.

I have to add that the ‘noise guy’ for Domain was good but struggled badly under the cross examination.  Also the planning guy for G12 / Domain was very disappointing.  He didn’t understand the process and had not done sufficient work – it was clear to me and VERY clear to the panel.

Now we sit back and wait…well for a couple of weeks




One thought on “Metro Rail – Moment of truth”

  1. Hi Gary Once again the Internet wont recognise my email….i have been trying to post this. Can you upload for me please? Ta Sandra

    Well done to those who represented our building: experts and owners alike. This is a very challenging project. If the panel does not take valid and considered views into consideration, there will be a massive community and corporate outcry, both short and long term. Thank you again to those who sat there for an entire day.  Sandra Makris 

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