Metro Rail – Summary of dates

The previous post had lots in it…here is a few of the key things to me

  • In the first few months of 2017, we will see lots of action.  New tram stop, Domain Rd closed, Bromby St opened
  • In second half of 2017 we will see tram /road / bike lanes moved to the ‘other side’ and trees go.
  • Early 2018 we will see the ‘open hole’.  It will be a big hassle but work will be mainly during daylight and go for about 18 months
  • Mid 2019 – An acoustic shed will minimise our noise / dust but work will go 7/24 for 18 months.
  • End 2021 – Our pain will be “over” and the road back to final config
  • 2026 – all systems go

Essentially the hassle will go for FIVE years from the start of 2017…not great but better than I thought previously.


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