Metro Rail – Process check

As I indicated before Xmas, the Minister has requested that the Metro Rail team do some more work to investigate a possible location of the Domain Station nearer the city.  The post is here.

If a serious investigation is to be done then I feel it is presumptuous to continue with the ‘early works’.  I believe that Metro rail scheduled all the ‘early works’ assuming they would get full clearance to continue.

In this light I have lodged a personal objection to the Boer War Park changes.  It is not on behalf of the Owners Corp and simply raises the ‘process issue’ – essentially saying…please put the ‘early works’ on hold until the station location is finalised.

I have also notified Metro Rail of my objection.

You don’t need to do anything yourself but you may also lodge objections up until Jan 4.  I personally do not believe that the quantity of objections makes any difference.

Happy new year


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