No nearby tram stop – July 1 until July 11

With the work going on outside Botanica, there will be a major impact on tram access during the period July 1-11

There will be tram replacement buses but they will NOT stop between The Shrine stop (number 19) and Arthur St stop(number 23).

So if you want to catch a tram to the city, you will need to  walk to the Shrine stop

Normal buses will continue.

*** Correction – You can catch trams TO the city at Domain tram stop

Details here SCN970

John Holland update

From: Bec Rowe
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 8:14 AM

Subject: Today’s works continuing until tomorrow


Dear Gary,


I have been advised we are service proving around tree roots today and tomorrow which will continue to result in car parking impacts at the front of your building.


This will continue today and tomorrow with driveway access to continue to be maintained.


Unfortunately this work was deemed necessary following works earlier this week and needs to be completed ahead of tram works.


I apologise for not having provided this update earlier.




Update from John Holland 

Dear Gary,

I have been in contact with some residents within your building about service proving work near your building and just wanted to advise we will be finished here today.

Initially we had hoped to be completed by Friday, however unfortunately this work had to be extended to today.

In the coming week, I will ensure an update is provided on the upcoming communication conduit works in the direct vicinity of your building.

Kind regards,

Botanica car park access during July 1-11

The MMRA website was indicating that we may have issues during the July 1-11 period.  It has been clarified and website updated

1 July – 11 July

  • One traffic lane operating in each direction between Bowen Crescent and Toorak Road West.
  • No access from Kings Way and Bowen Crescent into St Kilda Road. However, local access will be maintained and St Kilda Road traffic can exit via Kings Way or Bowen Crescent.
  • Centre lanes of St Kilda Road from Toorak Road to past Commercial Road open for tram works and bus replacement service only.
  • On-street parking within works zone to be removed to facilitate traffic flow.

Metro Rail – Good summary of the road changes

I have had discussions with Metro Rail about their method of sending LOTS of flyers but not providing much clarity.  The flyers have been very ‘project focused’ and not ‘customer focused’.  I don’t really care if the lane closures are for gas work, sewer work or tram work – I want to know what is closed and when.

They have now done this summary

It is MUCH better and gives a summary by each road area.  A few things to note:

  • Domain Rd will be closed at St Kilda Rd from July 11 for about 5 years – yes that’s right.  Five years
  • Toorak Rd West eastbound will be closed from 5am Tuesday June 13 for at least 2 weeks.
  • St Kilda Rd in the vicinity of Botanica will have lots of closures from  June 24 until July 12

On another matter, I know that Botanica residents had a letterbox drop late last week about night works on June 14 and 15.  It had an error, it shows the work immediately outside Botanica but calls it 420 St Kilda Rd.  I have notified Metro Rail but assume the work is going to occur outside Botanica.