Major impact on footpath outside Botanica

You should have seen this document in your letterbox

2017 07 MM NOTIFICATION 030717 Service Relocations Update[37827]

It outlines some major work that will impact us greatly.  Essentially John Holland will be digging up the footpath from Bowen Crescent to Bowen Lane, immediately next to our wall.  They need to do this to move all of the telecommunications cables that run under the footpath – essentially moving them further from the road edge (and effectively further from the edge of the new station).

More information will be coming out from John Holland soon.

Be aware

  • There will be a outage of around 4 hours when no access will be available to/from the basement car park.  We have suggested to lowest impact is likely to be 10am-2pm on a Tuesday or Thursday.  They will give us notice beforehand
  • There will be no street parking immediately outside our building
  • The work will commence around next Monday and take around one month
  • We have stressed safe access for pedestrians is essential.

Don’t forget to check out the ongoing photos of the tram work here



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