Metro Tunnel EES – Traffic day

I spent the day at the public hearing again.  Today we went thru the MMRA Traffic guy’s expert statement.  A copy is available at the link below.


A lot of time was consumed around whether the Domain area could effectively operate with only one lane in each direction.  Effectively the modelling says that they need to reduce the traffic by around 1000 vehicles per hour in the peak – from around 5000 in the two hour peak.  (my layman’s interpretation).  More work required on how they will do that.

The traffic expert, when being cross examined by our barrister, made the comment “Botanica, that building is in a unique position for this project”.  In the discussion on our St Kilda Rd driveway access, the only issue was around the project not wanting to say we would NEVER be impacted for the duration of the project.  They accept that they need to give us access and absolutely minimise any problems.

Botanica was heard and our problems understood.


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