Metro Rail EES update

Things are happening very fast in this space.

Last week two of our experts represented us in the expert “conclaves”.  This is where the Metro Rail subject matter expert meets with various subject matter experts to try and find common ground – without lawyers!!

The attached two documents are the outcome documents from the Traffic and Air Quality sessions.Joint Expert Witness Statement – Air Quality_final [2183933]

Transport Conclave Joint Summary Report [2183934]

Today Jan and I attended the public hearing for the session on Air Quality.  The Metro Rail expert presented this MM180_MMRA_Lakmaker_.  Various panel members and others then had a chance to cross examine.  Paul Chiappi (our barrister) asked about 35 minutes of questions.

It was fairly heavy going and legalistic – I was pleased that Paul understood our issues and made sure that Botanica was heard loud and clear.

Next week is traffic and noise/vibration.

The schedule is MMRP-Timetable (subject to change of course)

If you want some light reading – have a look here.  Hundreds of pages are being added daily.


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