Comms work update

The sad state of our footpath will improve over the next 10 days.  Next week they will backfill most of the trenches, leaving two smallish holes.

They are trying to re-instate our parking bays as soon as possible – my guess is the end of next week.

You should also be aware that there will be quite a lot of action in Bowen Cres over coming weeks.

  • Monday Oct 2 – Westbound traffic stopped for gas commissioning
  • Mid-Oct to mid-Dec (my guesses) – they need to make two pits in Bowen Cres, near St Kilda Rd.  From those pits they will push drainage and sewer pipes under St Kilda Rd.  Will be done during the day and the company contracted to do the work has converted all their vehicles from reversing beepers to less intrusive squawkers

We do NOT expect any driveway access issues in Bowen Cres – you may need to patiently wait for the traffic control to let you through.



Gas back – next week we lose our Driveway for the day

I’ve done exhaustive testing – our apartment – and it seems we have the gas back on.  If you drive down Bowen Crescent you may have noticed the discreet newly located gas meter!!  MMRA have agreed to fund some  garden work to help camouflage the monstrosity.


Confirmation will come out on Monday but it seems that we will lose access to our St Kilda Rd driveway on Thursday October 5, from 9am – 4pm.

If you need to park in the Bowen Cres multi-storey park, you can claim the cost back from MMRA – see details below

Drivewat issue

Update on Gas and Comms work

As the residents of Botanica will have noticed, there is lots of work happening.  The current plan (subject to change of course) is as follows:

  • Gas work next to the Bowen Cres driveway will be done this week.
    • Involves laying a concrete slab, installing a meter and cage
    • Garden will be re-instated at the end, as best it can be
    • We are likely to have a gas outage on Thursday during the day
  • Comms work under footpath
    • Most of the ‘work’ should be done by the end of this week
    • Footpath re-instatement should be done by end of next week

Noisy night ahead?

I have spotted road equipment across the road and done a search on the MMRA website.  Seems that they are re-surfacing St Kilda Rd TONIGHT (9pm – 6am)

I have already asked MMRA why this was not placed in our letterboxes and not emailed out??

Feel free to call and complain to their 24 hour number 1800551927

More details here

More on water issues – Friday

Yep – more issues again today

The complete shutoff on Wednesday(?) was tracked back to the guys out the front.  There is some very odd historical routing of water under our footpath.  The good news is that we’ve been able to see and photograph/document it all…and the valve was re-opened.

We’re not certain but seems today’s issues with v low pressure is related.  It seems that we have a lot of air trapped in our system and it’s currently being flushed out.