If you’re not happy or want clarification – call the 1800 number

A number of people have asked me about the noise, dust, vibration and light from the works opposite The Botanica.

You can call them 24 hours a day on 1800 105 105

Some things they can fix and some they cannot.  They can even move you to an alternate location if they deem it is that big of an issue

I have been talking to them about one very ‘leaky’ light tower.  Today they moved it – see picture below



Beeping trucks breakthrough

Many of you would be aware that we have been working very hard to ensure that the Metro Tunnel project meets their commitment of ‘no reversing beepers’.  The commitment was that vehicles would have the much less intrusive squawkers.

It has been a long a difficult road, we have been told several times that “we are trying really hard to stop it but it is very hard”.

Last weekend I understand that a check by CYP found a large number of concrete trucks with beepers and had them changed out for squawkers.  Thank you.

Today I saw this sign – and even better, saw a truck driver park his truck and walk to the gate and say…”I’ve got beepers, what do I do?”  The gatekeeper worked out a way for him to do his job and not activate his beepers.  Was hard for the driver – hopefully he has learnt his lesson20180328_101129

Pre-Condition Surveys

Cross Yarra Partnership is offering all owners at The Botanica a free ‘pre-condition survey’ at no cost.  I am very aware that work has already commenced, you should be aware that we have been lobbying for this for some months.

Owners should have been contacted by now but you can use these forms if you want

MM LETTER PCS Offer_400 St Kilda Rd_Owner [25515]

400 St Kilda Rd_Apartment PCS – Permission Form

Completed forms need to be sent to CYP.property@metrotunnelcyp-dc.com.au

It is completely voluntary but I would strongly recommend getting it done.

What will the old NAB building look like?

The old NAB Bank building on the corner of Toorak Rd and St Kilda Rd (424 St Kilda Rd) is going to be replaced.  The new building is due for completion mid 2021.  More upgrading of the area 🙂

I’ve attached the brochure here

I asked about price for 2 bed units and received this plan and the following info….

I have attached a sample plan in the price range you nominated but we have a huge range of two bedroom from $798,000 to $1,600,000 just depending on size and location in the building.      The plan attached sits from $798,000 to $1,030,000.

Contact person is

Tricia Cruth
Manager | Project Marketing
Dir +61 3 9940 7223 | Mob +61 418 161 922 | View My Profile
Main +61 3 9940 7222 | Fax +61 3 9940 7200 | vCard
Mezzanine Level, Optus Centre, 367 Collins Street | Melbourne, VIC 3000 | Australia

Bowen Cres access to St Kilda Rd

I have just been told by the Engineer responsible for the works in Bowen Cres, that we will again have access to St Kilda Rd by the end of March.  They found some Telstra cables that were higher than they thought and that meant some changes to their plans!!

He did admit that he had been telling me for 6 weeks that it will be done in 2 weeks…but he’s pretty sure this time

Letter about Changes to Planning Scheme

Many or all owners should have received a formal letter late last week from Metro Rail.

What does it mean?

I am not sure but my layman’s interpretation is that if we want to do any major work to The Botanica we would need to make sure it does not impact the construction or operation of the new train tunnel.  So if we decided to knock the building down, dig a big carpark underneath the new building…then we’d have to get some sort of sign-off to say it won’t cause the train tunnel to collapse.

As I say, I am no expert in the field but that’s what I think it means