Our new Elms

It may be a few years away but I have been in recent contact on our replacement trees with Bernedene Voss, Mayor of City of Port Phillip.  CYP have been telling us that they will be mature trees but I didn’t want to discover in 3 years that there are no such trees!

Below is correspondence on the matter from Greg Mitchell, the City of PP’s Senior Arborist.

Thank you for your email to Councillor Voss regarding replacement trees outside 400 St Kilda Road. I appreciate your interest in this matter and hope to address your concerns.

Council officers are working closely with Rail Projects Victoria, particularly with regard to the replacement trees throughout the Metro Tunnel project area, to ensure the best outcomes for the community.

We are currently in discussions with City of Melbourne officers to decide on the species of Elm to be planted on both sides of St Kilda Road, to ensure consistency. Once that decision is made – likely within the next few months – we will source the best quality stock and have them grown-on to an advanced size, ready for planting as soon as the locations are made available; expected to be about five years from now.

Rest assured, the new trees will be of the highest quality – and much larger specimens than our usual 45-litre stock – as we acknowledge the significance of this project, and the heritage of the St Kilda Road boulevard, requires a greater level of attention than that given to Council’s regular infill tree planting program.

Please contact me if you require any further information.

Lots of CYP news

CaptureI attended the Community Reference Group (CRG) today and there was quite a lot of news.  See this document 

A few quick notes

  • Some people (including some in Botanica) have not yet received their pre-condition report.  It has been escalated as a matter of urgency
  • The D Wall has started in the northern box (city end)
  • Our current St Kilda Rd driveway arrangement in only for about 6 weeks.
    • After that the ‘work site’ will take up the area from Bowen Cres to the southern edge of our driveway and across to the kerb.  ie Completely in front of our building
    • Access will be in from Bowen Lane and out towards the city to both Bowen Lane and Albert Rd.
  • Bowen Lane traffic towards Albert Rd will need to use some of the footpath.  Modifications to be made
  • Southern Box (outside us) will see ground anchors removed late next week
  • All CYP trucks should be covered, it is likely the ones uncovered are from 1 Bowen Cres.  Report CYP via the 1800
  • I requested that sourcing work is done for our mature replacement elms be commenced ASAP.  City of Melb said they regularly source mature elms with few issues
  • Artwork is being put in the ‘tunnel’ outside 390 St K Rd this week
  • A fab little ‘parklet’ is being constructed outside the Domain shops, between The Botanical (the pub not us) and the little bakery.  It will take 9 car bays but allow those shops a much bigger outside area.  Will run from mid December for 5 month trial.  May stay long term.  Above picture is just one – see the document for more

Tram noise – latest news

I’m back and you’ll get a couple of posts today from me.  The first and most important one…an update on the tram noise.

CYP / Yarra Trams / RPV have been carrying out all sorts of tests.  The good news is that they have a solution – they have found that a ‘friction modifier’ dramatically reduces the noise.  They ran a trial with Monash Uni testing the noise levels and it worked really well…but only for a short period of time…and they had to literally paint it on the tracks, not quite a sustainable solution.


They have now found a Canadian company who can install an automated system but the installation will take two months.  It involves the installation of two 90 litre tanks that will drop the solution on to each set of tram wheels as they pass.  The tram will spread it along the track for around 400 metres.

So relief is coming – hopefully in the two months and not any longer than that!!