Dust problems

A few people have commented that today is a terrible day for dust coming from the work site. The good news is that the wind is largely from the north but it is still not great.

You can see how bad if you go here and forward to 10:35:40 am (see time in top right)

I contacted CYP and they said they’d have a water cart out there to help remedy it. It came past at 9:08 am just before they packed up and went home due to high temperature.

They did run the water cart over things – but hardly extensive. Here is a shot of the water cart in action..yep that’s all he did

Shortly after (25 minutes later). This is what it looked like – ground completely dry again

I understand that it will come back again – on Sunday

Public holiday Monday and RDO on Tuesday and so no work until Wednesday.

They can build an $800M station but not scaffolding around our trees!!

As you can see from this photo we are living right on the edge of one of the new Metro Rail stations – Anzac Station in St Kilda Rd. Over the last 2 years we have seen all of our street trees removed – we were unhappy about that but accepted it as we understood the necessity of it all. We have supported the project from the start.

You can imagine our horror when we are now told that Cross Yarra Partnerhip needs to build a covered walkway to protect pedestrians and our trees are in the way. We understand that some custom built scaffolding needs to be erected and that about 30% of our tree mass needs to go. As it was so sensitively put “they need a significant haircut”.

We have now had two meetings to discuss the matter and when I queried if the scaffolding could be fitted around the trees, I was told that it is just not possible. Really???

If you want to see ‘how close’ we are to the action then have a look at this view from my balcony. Daily photos are here

Feel free to call 1800 105 105 and complain if you feel it is unreasonable.