Our last trees

For your information, CYP have suggested that our Ficus trees may need ‘a decent haircut’ to ensure that their custom built walkway will fit in OK.

My position is very clear, we will only cut them if CYP can convince our barrister that we have a legal requirement to do so.

Feel free to let them know your thoughts. You should know the number….1800 105 105 then press 2 and press 2 again.

More St Kilda Rd opportunists

As many of you would know, we have had increasing issues during 2018 with letterbox thieves.  That was why we relocated our letterboxes.

It seems other buildings had similar issues with letterboxes and today the Victorian Police released this photo and video of a St Kilda Rd thief.


It seems he had managed to steal a security fob.  That is why you must protect your fob – NEVER leave them around as it compromises the security of the entire building!!

Here is a short video of the incident

If you recognise him please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000