Did you think there were a lot of speeding trucks last night??

A number of you commented that the trucks were particularly bad last night. I agree and ran my new system across the video file. You can see them all here.

So between 10:15pm and 6am, there was 135 trucks – almost one every 3 minutes.

…and the speeding question?? Harder to be definitive but this video shows a handful that I checked. Not exactly admissible in court but pretty definitive.

Vibration and trucks

I know that a number of you felt that last night was the worst for some time, here is today’s update from CYP. Feel free to ring the 24 hour number 1800 105 105.


As mentioned, today we held a further specialist meeting to review the monitoring and trial results, as well as potential technical options.

We are working to progress a potential mitigation option with the installation of some additional technical equipment by Herrenknecht. This afternoon we are seeking some further technical advice on this option, and the availability of the specialist personnel and equipment required given the current COVID-19 travel and quarantine restrictions.

Our acoustic engineer (Dr Kym Burgemeister) has examined the data from a previous application of this technology and it has shown varying degrees of effectiveness. To further develop the baseline, Kym would like to undertake some additional night-time monitoring to be conducted prior to the installation. I will keep you updated on the timing of the monitoring equipment arrival and the installation.  We’re looking to undertake this monitoring as soon as possible.


I’ve also spoken to the traffic team today about how soon we can implement the proposed new egress route from site. The traffic team have been in frequent communication each day with RPV and City of Melbourne, working together to progress this as quickly as possible. We are required to undertake a Road Safety Audit (RSA), a review of the swept paths of the trucks and a cyclist count on the route to be undertaken prior to gaining approval to implement this. We are aiming to complete these as soon as possible, if the RSA does not recommend any other interventions, a route switch on the 10th August may be feasible, however they will do this sooner if they can. I will keep you updated on the progress. This would reduce the truck numbers by up to 50%.

Tram noise

Charlie the tram whisperer and Jeff the West Aussie have spent a fair chunk of today on the tram squeal goo dispensers.

I understand that they stripped and cleaned two blocked bars…whatever that means. But already seems better.

Do you think it is any better??

Update on trucks and vibrations

We have recevied this from Rob at CYP this afternoon

I wish there was more I could do to solve these issues sooner, I do understand it has to be frustrating being stuck in the house and having these issues happening at the same time.

I’m confident we can reduce the number of trucks by 50% very soon with the introduction of the Alexandra Avenue route.

City of Melbourne have said they are going out tomorrow for a physical inspection of alternative return routes.

There is a lot of action at CYP/RPV and Council to make a change here.

Similarly the issue of the vibration generated by EHO – everyone is working hard to find a solution here.

It’s small comfort I know – but I assure you that it is the number one priority for myself and many others.

Thanks, Rob

Noisy trucks last night

A number of you commented on how bad the trucks and vibrations were around 11pm last night.

I had a look and just before 11pm we had a bank of trucks all flying past. I had previously recorded my own car going past at 40kmph yesterday. I’ll let you decided if the trucks were speeding.

Note that the three clips are out of order, the first 3 trucks together seemed to be the fastest of the three sets.

Update on vibration and truck noises

After a month of investigating and testing theories about what is causing our very disturbing vibration – we’re back to square one. They have confirmed it is coming from Edmund Herring Oval and they made an adjustment to some equipment – to no avail.

So the new plan…James is arranging a meeting with Herrenknecht on Thursday to run through other options.

I’ve asked if that means we are a week, a month or a year from a solution…they don’t know.

Trucks – Not much better. Their reply below

City of Melbourne and RPV have given in-principle support to the egress route to the Westgate involving a left turn from Linlithgow onto Alexandra Avenue.  Both parties have requested a few minor things to be done that we’re pushing through as quickly as possible. City of Melbourne have committed to coming back to us on some options for the trucks returning to EHO – but I’ve yet to hear back.

In the interim I’ve also been advised that we’ll be conducting some compliance checks on the trucks on St Kilda Road in the coming days.

Night noises

We are talking to CYP almost every day to try and reduce the noise and vibrations. Last night was particularly bad. Here’s a short sample…it has the full site of noises. A fairly quiet empty truck, noise from Edmund herring Oval, a squealing tram and a loaded truck.

This is happening every five minutes.

It is worth noting that the camera has a mike designed for picking up sounds within 5 metres.

Current truck route being used every night

In this morning’s post, I promised to show you the current route that is being used. Here it is…

So for trucks to go between the Westgate and Edmund herring Oval, they go along Kings Way to Toorak Rd, the full length of St Kilda Rd to the NGV corner. Turn right there and along Linlithgow/Birdwood Avenues. Then down Dallas Brooks Drive. and Return.

Madness and impacting on a LOT of peple.

Vibration and noise update

Further to the post almost a week ago, there have been a number of developments.


The vibration and odd noises in apartments. We have had various experts check things and today received this message from CYP…

….Kim and the Enviro team adjusted the vibration monitors on the Botanica to pick up the frequency Kim had monitored in your apartment – this will provide the baseline to measure against any differences following adjustments made. Andreas has asked Herrenknecht to make the adjustments to the filters ASAP this week – so we’ll be able to measure whether this makes a difference.

I’ll let you know the timing and get your thoughts as to whether you feel it has made a noticeable difference


Despite being told that the trucks may be coming from the CBD site of CYP…..I didn’t believe it and checked on my late night walk for exercise. They are all going to and from Edmund Herring Oval. Unbelievable.

There is now a meeting scheduled today between the various councils to see if they find a less impactful route.

Later today I’ll post a map of the route they are currently using – beforehand I’d ask you to think about the route you think would make most sense. You need to get trucks from the Westgate to and from Edmund Herring Oval.

Here is a v short video of just one truck going past – between 2-3am we had 18 go past the other night. And this is the noise on the 7th floor, imagine how bad on the lower levels.