Metro Rail – Process check

As I indicated before Xmas, the Minister has requested that the Metro Rail team do some more work to investigate a possible location of the Domain Station nearer the city.  The post is here.

If a serious investigation is to be done then I feel it is presumptuous to continue with the ‘early works’.  I believe that Metro rail scheduled all the ‘early works’ assuming they would get full clearance to continue.

In this light I have lodged a personal objection to the Boer War Park changes.  It is not on behalf of the Owners Corp and simply raises the ‘process issue’ – essentially saying…please put the ‘early works’ on hold until the station location is finalised.

I have also notified Metro Rail of my objection.

You don’t need to do anything yourself but you may also lodge objections up until Jan 4.  I personally do not believe that the quantity of objections makes any difference.

Happy new year

More on 412 St Kilda Rd…lots of info

All of the various planning documents have been submitted to City of Port Phillip for 412 St Kilda Rd (old Police Building).  I feel like a broken record but again, their will be pain with the demolition and construction process but this proposal seems MUCH better than the renovation that the City of PP has already approved.

This table shows the improvements


The photos above show the way they are intending to treat Bowen Cres – including a Station drop off bay and their flashy rooftop.

capture2Ideally it will occur concurrently with the Metro Rail work.  We do know that Metro Rail have spoken to the site owner and both parties are intending to work co-operatively.

A full copy of the various documents is available on the City of Port Phillip web site.  It is currently open for public comment.

Where will the temporary tram tracks go?

I know that there is some confusion about the exact location of the temporary tram tracks outside The Botanica.  Metro Rail have the attached maps which have a lot of detail.

It shows the trees that will be removed for the #8 tram works (orange), the trees that will go as part of the service relocation work / station box (blue) and others (purple).  As will so often be the case with this work, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we lose our close trees (on footpath) but the good news is we keep our median strip ones for now – the bigger healthier ones.  Also good that the tram is not under our windows but that is because the digging will be (later on).

Current plan – minimum of one lane of cars in each directions plus trams plus bikes