Demolition of Old Police Building


As a nearby owner, I have today received a pack of information about the impending demolition of 412 St Kilda Rd.

This is the letter

The attachments were on a CD.  I have copied them here

2. A0020-0

3. A0003-1

4. IMP180313-DG-(01-02-04)-C

5. Mann_DWP – St Kilda Rds Rev B

6. 60.74897.01.H- Approved 18.05.09

7. 60.74897.01.H – CoC Design 18.05.10 rev1

8. 18-42.23 SK1-3

9. 18-42.23 Comps

10. 18-42.23 cert-design

11. Hickory – Liability CoC – $100m – 2017-18 (St Kilda Road) (ID 25916)

12.0 Dilapidation Survey 1of2

12.1 Dilapidation Survey 2of2

I have not read this and not sure whether it is good or bad – I decided that I’d upload it all and give everyone a chance to read.  I think I’ve copied it all – best efforts in a hurry.



One thought on “Demolition of Old Police Building”

  1. Thanks, Gary. I read the letter and see that you get a right to respond to the proposed demolition program. I will contact the company as an Adjoining Site (I.e. apartments in Botanica) for a letter to respond to. Jane

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