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Give feedback to City of Port Phillip


It’s budget time for the City of Port Phillip and they are after feedback from residents.  Here is a quick survey It only takes 5 minutes and is a great chance to have your say on what is important to YOU


Great grey hope??


This small grey box may become the friend of many people in Melbourne living near tram tracks.  During the  Metro Tunnel work for the new Anzac (Domain?) Station, new tram tracks were installed that had a terrible squeal – after a lot of debate and numerous studies, a solution has been found.

It involves applying a ‘friction modifier’ onto the tracks.  During August, tests were carried out by manually ‘painting’ this emulsion on the tracks and it made a significant difference.  But the only issue is that it needs to be applied every 15 minutes or thereabouts.

Hence the grey box – when complete by early next week, it contains the gear (and tank) to spray the emulsion on the wheels of passing trams.  The one above is in St Kilda Rd, near Toorak Rd.  The photo below is the site of the one that will capture southbound trams and is in St Kilda Rd, near Park St.  That should be completed on Sunday night


Why is it good news for all??  It seems if this works well then it can also be deployed on other noisy sections of tram track around the network.

Info from CYP presented at The Botanica AGM


Lots of good information here but I think the main piece of critical info is the broad notification of the worst time ahead for us.  You can see that the worst time will likely be April – June 2019.  This involves putting the ‘lid’ back on to the ‘southern box’ outside The Botanica.

The date may slip but given the following step involves moving the tram lines…and that can only be done in school holidays (eg July), I think the broad window won’t move much.

AGM Info pack

It was great having good attendance from CYP and The Botanica, thanks all

Mail theft – How do they do it? Watch This!


Over the years we have tried to make mail theft more difficult but we seem to still have occasional problems.  On Monday we had another issue and this video shows the offender and shows her technique.  partly with small hands but also very adept with two sticks.

She is clearly not rushed, spending nearly 30 minutes on this side and similar on the other set of letterboxes.  She sits down, reads through the mail, dumps what she sees as junk in the garden, takes her suitcase and walks off.

If you lost mail – talk to Paul

If you recognise the offender, please call the police

Here is the video

Letterbox break in

Around 1am this morning someone went through our letterboxes.  They had a small hand and used some sticks to successfully empty MANY letterboxes.  It seems they grabbed what interested them and dumped the rest in the garden.

If you see Paul tomorrow (yes he is back tomorrow) he can hand your you mail

I understand that we have a very good image – I will post that tomorrow!!


Practice evacuation

At around 11am on Thursday July 12,there will be a practice evacuation of the Metro Tunnel construction St Kilda Rd team.

A siren will sound for about one minute and then their staff will evacuate. Will take around 30 minutes.

I’m pleased they are making sure they are prepared for any problems