Metro Rail EES – Noise

Jan Swinburne attended the sessions yesterday that were totally focused on noise issues.  A brief summary

  • Noise is a large focus of many of the ‘complainants’
  • The Metro Rail expert accepted that we would have very high levels of noise inside and outside our apartments
  • Need to have predicted high noise level for 40 days in 6 month period before acoustic barriers like double glazing would be considered
  • Sleep must be disturbed for 2 consecutive nights before re-location considered
  • It is now estimated that the station box construction works will take 6-9 months. That will be the noisiest time with only 6m hoarding as noise protection. Work to be primarily undertaken during normal daytime working hours.
  • Most contentious issue is the need for “unavoidable works” which could take place overnight & be noisy.

Metro Tunnel EES – Traffic day

I spent the day at the public hearing again.  Today we went thru the MMRA Traffic guy’s expert statement.  A copy is available at the link below.


A lot of time was consumed around whether the Domain area could effectively operate with only one lane in each direction.  Effectively the modelling says that they need to reduce the traffic by around 1000 vehicles per hour in the peak – from around 5000 in the two hour peak.  (my layman’s interpretation).  More work required on how they will do that.

The traffic expert, when being cross examined by our barrister, made the comment “Botanica, that building is in a unique position for this project”.  In the discussion on our St Kilda Rd driveway access, the only issue was around the project not wanting to say we would NEVER be impacted for the duration of the project.  They accept that they need to give us access and absolutely minimise any problems.

Botanica was heard and our problems understood.

Metro Rail EES update

Things are happening very fast in this space.

Last week two of our experts represented us in the expert “conclaves”.  This is where the Metro Rail subject matter expert meets with various subject matter experts to try and find common ground – without lawyers!!

The attached two documents are the outcome documents from the Traffic and Air Quality sessions.Joint Expert Witness Statement – Air Quality_final [2183933]

Transport Conclave Joint Summary Report [2183934]

Today Jan and I attended the public hearing for the session on Air Quality.  The Metro Rail expert presented this MM180_MMRA_Lakmaker_.  Various panel members and others then had a chance to cross examine.  Paul Chiappi (our barrister) asked about 35 minutes of questions.

It was fairly heavy going and legalistic – I was pleased that Paul understood our issues and made sure that Botanica was heard loud and clear.

Next week is traffic and noise/vibration.

The schedule is MMRP-Timetable (subject to change of course)

If you want some light reading – have a look here.  Hundreds of pages are being added daily.

Melbourne Tunnel Panel – Visit to the Botanica

Just to let you all know that today we had a bus load of visitors.

The entire panel for the Metro Tunnel EES Inquiry / Advisory Committee plus various others did a walk from Edmund Herring Oval, along Domain Rd, along our side of St Kilda Rd, back past the Royce and then back to Edmund Herring Oval.

Details of the Committee are here.

We managed to have them stop out the front of our building and I highlighted our lower driveway issue and Nick (Our rep from PP Partners) pointed out the windows / air conditioners on balconies to emphasize that issue to them.

I am not sure how much it helps our cause but I am sure it does not do any harm to the panel better understanding our issues.


EES enquiry on Metro Tunnel

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I was travelling the Kimberley …back now and here is the catch up post on Metro Tunnel (was called Metro Rail)

See attached reports that were submitted on our behalf last Friday

Statement of Mr Goddard

Statement of Dr Bellair

Statement of Mr Kiriakidis

A big issue that keeps coming up is information control from Metro Tunnel.  A good example is our emergency exit – they have agreed but it is not in the base documents.  They are now trying to solve the problem by issuing Technical advisory notes, you can see them here
Our exit is covered in Note 15.
This also causes issues with maps and final road designs
Our experts have picked up many things…just a few are
– High level of Silica ….issue with possible silicosis
– Noise worse than predicted
– Dust models flawed / method of moving waste is contradictory (piped or trucked?)
– Dedicated commercial parking bays (outside 400 St K Rd) for the station
Next steps
  • Conclave of experts next week
  • Bus tour of sites by the panel members (and others) next Tuesday and Wednesday.  I expect that they will be stopping here on Tuesday
  • Hearing starts August 22
  • Our slot is Sept 21 – Our barrister, Paul Chiappi has 3 hour slot.  He will have our issues and possible solutions

This is our only real opportunity to have a positive influence of this massive project.  The potential impact on the building and our property values could be very significant if our submission is not taken seriously.

Feedback welcome


2 Bowen Cres development proposal

When the original development proposal came out for 2 Bowen Cres, I lodged a ‘complaint’ with the City of Port Phillip.  My major concerns were

  1. They had asked for exemption for full number of parking bays required by Council
  2. Apartment sizes were very small but within Council requirements
  3. Traffic flow during construction would be an issue
  4. The developer’s wind expert had recommended some treatments to reduce the wind tunneling impact.  I requested that those recommendations were adopted.

I also requested that the developer make a contribution towards improving the park.

Tonight I attended a ‘mediation session’, attended by around 7 residents, the developer, the developer’s team and City of PP members.

  • Bays have been increased from 206 to 223 – now meeting council minimum
  • Apartment sizes unchanged
  • Traffic flow is not a planning issue but is an issue that must be addressed if / when they get their planning permit.  At that time they need (with other things) a traffic management plan
  • They had incorporated all recommendations by wind expert.

Developer also said that most optimistic start time is mid-2017 and most optimistic development time is 2 years, but all is dependent on selling apartments.  He didn’t comment on the park and City of PP said it is not mandatory.

He also said that the car park now only has 215 bays operational

Guy that owns the TAB building was also there and not happy about 18 storey building being built – but again it is within council guidelines.

Next step is Planning Committee mtg on September 20.